Tuesday, January 1, 2013

We start a year with a sad note as a result of so many deaths registered in South African roads. Some people who passed on were sole providers at home; some were very good at the work they were doing; some have just started registering successes; some have just bought their cars; some have just died because the taxis they were in were not in good condition; some died because someone was drunk; and others died because they were sick - but there is no death that can be appreciated. Below is the poem which goes out there to everyone as the tribute.

This Festive… [Tribute to all who lost their lives]

This festive season
Another lamp has been blown off;
There is a candle that can no longer provide light;
The sun that has been extinguished;
The moon that got hidden by the darkest cloud;
The final whistle has been blown;
To mark the end of another journey;
There is a soul that has been laid to rest
This festive season
Better arrive alive
Speed kills zimphitshtji zam’
We still need you ekasi lam'

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