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Enock Shishenge is an energetic, aspirant and principled performance poet born few decades ago. His principle is derived from a Zimbabwean idiom: 'Failing to prepare is preparing to fail'. His poetry has been published in the Burning Shacks, Sowetan, Sunday World, Daily Sun, Timbila Poetry Journal, Turfwrite, Echoes, Wits Student, International Society of Poets Publication in the U.S and Theatre of Mind U.K. He appeared on Take5 TV online Poet's Corner. He also co-authored a Xitsonga poetry book entitled "Nsati Wa Gayisa" with Desmond Shishenge . Academically, Enock completed his Higher Diploma in Education with Giyani College Campus of The University of Venda for Science and Technology where he was also an executive member of the SRC. He also participated in a television series( documentary) coordinated by the Voices of Africa. He did voice overs for Love Life in Xitsonga, which will play on Munghana Lonene F.m. soon. He likes reading, writing and performing poetry to an extent that when he kicks the dust and leave the stones behind to join the heavenly choir he will dearly miss it than anything else. He is now a language and technology teacher at Eqinisweni Secondary School in Ivory Park near Midrand, Johannesburg. He is also an editor for the school magazine and coaches poetry at the same school. Poetic Words:
"She goes to church and confesses/
I've slept with men for bread/
I was hungry God/"
By Vonani Bila

Thapelo Mashiloane is a very powerful performance poet who writes a lot about township life-styles from love to ghetto struggle. He is the member of Eqinisweni Poetry Society. He enjoys drawing and regards it as his second choice after poetry. He is the member of Eqinisweni Gazette, a school magazine-he writes articles, poems and he cartoons and draws for the mentioned school publication. Thapelo is in grade 11. He is going for the British Council's "Power in the Voice" country's final with other learners from the same school.
"Give me ma' soul food/
For food/Give me the food/
For my soul"/ By Thapelo

Pleasure Madava is a performance poet. She regards reading as her prerequisite. She resides in Ebony Park in between Midrand and Ivory Park. She intends to continue with poetry even after her high school life. She is the founding member of Eqinisweni Poetry Society.

Poetic Words: Sleeping with these books under my pillow turned me a prostitute/. By Pleasure

Phuti Constance Seanego hails from Limpopo. She writes poems in English and Sepedi. She enjoys reading her poems to the masses. She is 18 years of age. She wants to see herself as a director of a company in future. She also wishes to publish her own book of poetry one day.
Poetic Words : I feel tongue tied/
But I am of many tongues/
By Phuti

Phindile Mdunana is a young and brilliant South African poet whose game is to play with spoken and written words. She fell in love with words after having met Mr. Shishenge who instilled in her the love of poetry. She is in grade twelve at Eqinisweni Secondary School, Ivory Park informal settlement in Johannesburg. Phindile was the junior editor for the school magazine (Eqinisweni Gazette) 2006-2007. She hails from Ivory Park, a section in Tembisa. She has written so many poems to date. Poetic Words:
Take me to the gravy train of soul/
Stroll with me and celebrate our love/

All the poets mentioned above are the only one's who are featured in the book "Egoli Ku Ya Sheshwa" at the moment. But the book will seek more poets to uneatrh their talents from Ivory Park and other parts of the country. The book is planned to be have more than 250 pages including meanings of words which are in Scamtho. Writes: Enock Shishenge

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