Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Phuti's Poetry

Phuti is a writer of note. She is one person who weave words so well to an extent that you feel what she says. She is in grade twelve(check biography)

How it feels?
He always said: "You are beautiful"
He stole my smile, my confidence
Young as I was threatened as I felt
I kept quite even though ke be ke e swa lebate
Ke dutse godimo ga magala
That was the tormenting feeling I was faced with
Telling mommy would
Only mean I brought shame into the family
But telling daddy would spell divorce
I felt I was sitting on a time bomb ready to explode
But if the truth be exposed
Ooh, God knows what?
Every night I lay sleepless on the bed
Sobbing, tears running down my cheek
My mind tortured by the questions
Was I too beautiful that he couldn't resist
Was it my fault
Whether it was mine, his or ours
It left an unhealing scar
Even though the first cut is the deepest
Mine was even deeper
That is the feeling of being raped
The torture continued
Where was my father?
Where was my mother?
I guess my parents were too busy,
Too occupied and little caring
Now it's too late to say sorry
That is how it feels to be raped
But I mean surely
Someone might have noticed
To be raped by your neighbour,
A family friend,
Someone you could lean on
In times of troubles
I learned that hard
Gore se bone thola boreledi teng gwa
Yona go baba
I wondered why didn't
They see it coming
I guess everyone was
Fooled by his charming words
His deceiving tongue
And the excellent way he dressed
But that is how it feels to be raped

If Only

If only I had enclosed
Not disclosed my feelings
There would be no torture
But all left for me is a broken he/art
Cupid tell ma' sweet he/art
I love her
Though she tramples on my he(art)

If Only
I had kept quiet then
Twisting ma' words
Would have been a thing of the past
They cast stones of laughter
While forgetting
Ukuthi nxeba le ndonda a lihlekwa

Cupid, please, go to the one who (t)ears my he(art) into countless pieces and tell her "She is gonna be da' one
I walk down the aisle with

If only
You cud pass that
Message to her
I will rejoice

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