Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The First Poem on Da' Blog

Ekas'Lam' Mad Poem 3

u ya ngi bona mina/
ma ng' vhay' ekasilam'/
iyo ! when i go to work/
at some school ka da' kasi,'/
bomagez' bath' a si thicha lo! '/
ba chayel' u sister lo ngi spana naye'/
bath', u thicha we njhani a nga bophiyi i thay' ?/
entleik bomagez' ba ntlabang' ikuth'/
to be formal and decent you should put on a tie/
they're still trapped in da' colonial thinkin'/
that of a tie and jacket/

entleik … sometimes/
u ya ng' bon' min'/
ma ng' vhay' ekasilam'/
izingcozi za sgila/
when they see me walkin'/
in da' dusty streets of their ghetto/
they scream/
mama uya m'bona u thicha' wam'?"/
bes' zing' gay' i hug!/
uzo zwa umzwali athi :/
'a siyena u thicha lo mfan'/
u ng' endza bari' i ' o' yakho!/
u thicha wakh' usemn'ani ka' njhe?/
U na manga!/

u ya ngi bon' mina?/
ma ngi vhay' ekasi la ma kasie/
dressed to kill/
ngi fak' i cavella,/
hugo boss,/
pringle na Georgia Armani…/
ne mcebo wam'/
amajit' ay' ng' cwany' cwany'/
they say ' sir u ya' ba cwany'-cwany'/
ba teken?/
U'zo ng' zw' ng' ngith':/
relax ntwana yam'!/
vana va xikolo va ehleketa/
ku ri ndzi bra ya vona/

u ya ng' bon' min'/
ma ng' vhay' ka da ekas'/
bestuurin' ma' friend's black velocity/
with an aerial/
yoo, die kara ' yi sexy !/
sure, i sexy!/
ba tegen ba ko' kasi' ba verstaana ikara!/
yoo! ba y' ncway'-ncway'/
die kara mfo'!/
every mama jack in da' ghetto/
wants to be inside this car!/
even da' girlz who pierce their tongues/
yoo! girls like turning a volume up-to-da-sky…/
playin' vulgar kwaito tunes/
mixing it wit' house/yindlu!/
one tells me 'buti 'u ne kara-/
u ya juwisha -/
for sure u ne mali-/
just buy us beers-/
never forget i nyama/
mina i'm all yours-/
mbamba no ma kumphi u ku funay'/
vandag ke tsamaya le wena ;/
says a chick who pierced her tongue/
and a tattoo in between her cleavage/
yoo, wena!/
They don't know/
Ikuthi a ngi ne kara!/
I kara ya Comet/

smotimes ya Score/
Ende yi be stop nosense/

entleik … sometimes/
u ya ng' bon' min'/
ma ng' vhay' ekasilam'/
i look and listen/
i listened and heard people/
talking about house breaking/
i looked around and/
saw daily sun's headline/
In this ghetto township/
This ghetto is full of corrupt-minds/
Unthinking and uncaring society/

ekasi lam' amajita athi aya phanda/
u zo wa thola a blome ekhoneni/
you will hear them say:/
heita jita awu s'bemise ka da?/
they wear dickies pants/
mix it with loxion culture/
t-shirt and sneakers/
never mind their jockeys,/
kuse ghetto ka da!/
even the fourteen-year-olds hav' boy-friends/
they groove at the busy corner/
and have sex at the nearest bush/
they master deep kiss/
than most of us!/

u ya ngi bon' mina?/
ma ngi vhay' ekasi la ma kasie/
ke kereya bashanyana/
kissin' in front of a 67-year-old magogo/
who does not understand/
freedom of sexual orientation/
enshrined in the bill of rights/
i heard Gogo say nay' mhlolo /
mfowethu lana zi ya buya!/
life i spinner njhe ng' car wheel/
you become rich very quickly/
and die easily/

ekas'Lam' zi ya buwa!/
fresh girls date old crocks/
they call them sugar daddies/
young boys caress bamagogos/
and call them quick-ATM's/
cuz they provide and/
take them to five-star hotels/
somewhere in Sandton City/
to chow da' money/
left by their husbands/
who died of aids for datin'/
the pick-up girls,/
those who wear miniest of mini skirts/
which reveal everythin'/
ekasi' ku njalo!/
you like it or no/t
you partake or not/
they don't care about you/
they never forget one thin'/
da' reason they are here in Jozi?/
Chelete fela ntate!/

u ya ngi bon' mina?/
ma ng' vhay' ekasi' la ma kasi'/
ke kereya moshanyana' ka da mzabalazweni/
he sings with a great tune/
like Mbengwa/
he never went to music school/
and qualified as music master/
but he sings nice in iSizulu:/
"ngathi ngi ya hamba mina…/
nga hlangana ne isalukazi/
esigangeni baba/

ngathi mama wenzani?/
wathi mntanami ngiy***
aku'namathoilethe lapha…"/
Ekas'Lam ku nje!/

Eintleik i life ya se kasie/
You will never understand/
But you know i mnandi!/
Sure yi ntswembu!/
Ekas' Lam…/

Ku lapho ng' bloma khona/
Ku lapho ng' gidla khona/
Ku lapho ng' groover khona/
Ku lapho ng' jola khona/
Phashasha pintjie/
Grand shlobo sam'!/


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