Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Pleasure's Poetry

Pleasure Madava is a perfomance poet. Once on stage you will feel her words. She perfomed to a thousands of audience when Eqinisweni Secondary School entertained the visitors from Wales, United Kingdom in 2006. I wish you see her perfomance one day. Check Biography)


Everywhere you go
You find me there
Some call me a lady of the night
Others say ke magosha,
Ke sfeve, ndzi dabadaba

Yes, ndzi xifevi
I sleep with all men I meet
Who are interesting & appealing
I mix Europeans and Africans
Sleep with the dead
I slept with William Shakespeare
And Steve Biko

I am also a lesbian
I sleep with Lebo Mashile,
Lereato and Ntsiki Mazwai
Yes, ke robala le bona

My loved ones feel pity for me
They think I will be infected
With the notorious bug (HIV)
They just worry about nothing
Cuz I gain knowledge
I just read not have sex
With all these people I sleep with
Though I sleep with them
Sleeping with these books under
My pillow turned me a prostitute
Sorry I am an informed prostitute

Darling Sarah

You left me in the halfway house,
Motherless with no guidance
You never said Goodbye
You were a mother, a sister
Darling Sarah my sweetheart

You read me poems and stories
You taught me respect
Still I expected a lot
But you were grabbed ruthlessly
Darling Sarah my beloved

You taught me that responsibility
Is the prerequisite in life
You taught me a simple principle of life
To accept what I can't change
Darling Sarah my dearest

You were there when I cried
To wipe my tears
Rest in peace
Darling Sarah


Anonymous said...

You got talent, take it out there and let the world witness it.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if students are made to be aware of this site. I think youth in general will benefit from this site.

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