Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Phindile's Poetry Of Heart

Phindile is a grade twelve learner at Eqinisweni Secondary School. Once she holds a pen it bleeds poetry to live on page forever.These are her two poems. (check biography)


Tzaneen, papa u kwihi?
Tzaneen give me hope
Trying to grab freedom
Hoping it will cough-out papa's name
But only left me empty, clueless and confused
I pulled myself back to life
For I needed answers
Young and afraid
Still shaking my head for answers
The desire of slavery drives me
To write funeral poetry
Though I never attended my grand pa's funeral last year
The pain had hurt enough
The world had sold anger for me to buy
Oh thou shall ask
Shall be granted…

Tzaneen papa u kwihi ?
Tzaneen give me love
Locked, blocked and enslaved
By my craving feelings
Poked my skin for the Tsonga blood to escape
Saw a glimpse of my father's shadow in the mirror
I knew I was still a Tsonga chic

Trial, tragedy, terror cud not chase me away
My inner being cried for peace of mind
All I needed was a voice 2 free me
A father to love me
Tzaneen papa u kwihi?
Tzaneen give me peace of mind
Confusion still drives me in circles
Wishing I was in the jolly jungle of Jozi
Trying to secure a place for my lost soul
A place to hide from this cruel world
My heart in zillion pieces
Than a million dollar could replace
Stayed in Dallas to meet papa's 3rd wife Dalla
Oh God, she wanted his Dollar
Can't really cry now
My tears are all dried out
By the anger boiling inside me
Received a msg from my heart
It is green with envy for you are happy
And I am sadly hopeless
Can't believe how we used to smile in the sun
Laugh at the moon
I'm in a dark room hoping you can switch on the lights for me

Tzaneen papa u kwihi?
Tzaneen give me answers
Screaming on top of my lungs
Hoping my curiosity will take me to death
But my satisfaction bought me back to life
Searching the muddy holes of Nkowankowa
For my identity document was being printed
Out of the home affairs offices
Your absence proves how u abandoned me and never said Gud-bye
My laughter has been washed away
Can't force a smile now cuz the force in me hopes you are dead
Thou shall ask,..
Shall be granted?

Valentine's Torture
( Written with tears falling)

It all started simple
Shifting from a hopeless soul
To a hopeful heart
Eyes clicked and linked
But never took an action
It was love at first sight
It wasn't love without fists

Valentines is violence
Violence is love in war
Date and brutal rape
I write on blank page
Where my fingers move freely
And conquer loneliness
Of being heart broken
And still have valentine
To celebrate with ocean of tears

Was it really worth it?
I question, yes I question??
Tears impede my eyesight
Mine heart is congested
Overloaded with loneliness
The dark cloud created to crucify me
For valentines is a day
Of war and death for me
War of feelings and death of love
It toured ma' soul and broken ma' heart
Valentine tortured me

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